Red Plains reviewed on Broken Frontier

November 2011 – Review at Broken Frontier

When I interviewed Caryn A. Tate about her Western series Red Plains for Broken Frontier last year, I was impressed not just by the scope of the book – a sprawling Old West soap opera following the lives and relationships of a diverse cast of compelling characters – but by her absolute commitment to providing an utterly realistic depiction of the social make-up and time period the book is set in…Read more at Broken Frontier


Robot 6 Q&A: Caryn A. Tate continues to ride the Red Plains

November 2011 – Interview at Robot 6 @ Comic Book Resources

Caryn A. Tate has been writing Red Plains for a couple of years now, and the world of her story, which is set in the Old West but is not bound by the traditions of the Western genre, is getting more and more complex. With the publication of The Ballad of Double Ott this week, she launches a new story arc and an intriguing new character…Read more at Robot 6


Spotlight + Interview: Caryn A. Tate’s Red Plains: The Ballad of Double Ott

November 2011 – Interview at iFanboy

This week sees the release of Caryn A. Tate’s latest tale of Red Plains. At 66 pages, this violent tale of a black bounty hunter in the wild west, Red Plains: The Ballad of Double Ott packs one hell of a wallop for just $2.99.

We talked to writer Caryn A. Tate about Double Ott and the rest of the Red Plains ensemble as well as the challenges of writing a brutal western epic…Read more at iFanboy


Red Plains: The Ballad of Double Ott on Ladies Making Comics

November 2011 – Spotlight at Ladies Making Comics

iFanboy has a great interview with writer Caryn A. Tate about the latest installment of her Red Plains western series, The Ballad of Double Ott, about an African-American cowboy. She talks about her passion for historical accuracy about the Wild West, especially with regards to diversity, and having a range of female characters (and not just prostitutes)…Read more at Ladies Making Comics


Red Plains: The Ballad of Double Ott reviewed on Comics Forge

November 2011 – Review at Comics Forge

This was a surprise to me, western comics are usually a hard sell for any reader, but after reading this I was pleasantly surprised by the entire book…Read more at Comics Forge


Red Plains: Nice Place to Raise Your Kids Up reviewed at Northwest Clix

December 2011 – Review at Northwest Clix

While I am a man of many interests when it comes to comics I usually play it safe with the time-tested superhero genre…Read more at Northwest Clix


Caryn A. Tate on Red Plains Going Digital

March 2011 – Interview at Talking with Tim

Back in 2009 I interviewed writer Caryn A. Tate about her webcomic, Red Plains. More recently she has decided to go the digital route with the Red Plains property. She was kind enough to recently do an email interview on the recent creative and logistical decisions she’s made regarding the series…Read more at Talking with Tim


Western Thinking: Caryn A. Tate Talks ‘Red Plains’

December 2010 – Interview at Broken Frontier

Having spent most of her life on functioning cattle ranches, writer Caryn A. Tate is uniquely positioned to provide a distinctive and authentic voice to her western web comic series, Red Plains. With a burgeoning back catalogue of material available on a number of digital platforms, Red Plains is a genre comic that avoids the clichés traditionally associated with its subject matter. Broken Frontier spent some time on the range with Caryn to find out what the future holds for the inhabitants of her fictional western town…Read more at Broken Frontier


Guest Blogger Andrew Hall tells us all about the Red Plains comic series

November 2010 – Feature at The Tainted Archive blog

Red Plains is a webcomic and western by Caryn Tate, currently being distributed via Top Shelf 2.0. While her story takes place in the American west, her influences take the work far beyond the western medium as a genre exercise. Instead, she uses it as a springboard to tackle noir and institutional corruption, as well as the long-term effects of violence within American culture through an ensemble cast…Read more at The Tainted Archive


Noir, Old West Meet in “Red Plains” Comic

November 2010 – Interview at Nerdage blog, The Oklahoman

Writer Caryn A. Tate takes a noir-inspired trek through the Old West in “Red Plains,” a Web comic available via and Tate aims for her Western to have an authentic flavor. Having grown up throughout the West, including spending time on a working ranch, Tate finds it difficult to stomach stereotypical Westerns…Read more at Nerdage


How to be a Webcomics Writer

August 2010 – Interview at Mooky Chick

Red Plains is a webcomic that takes place in the American Old West, and doesn’t hold back when it comes to hard, gritty realism. It fills a little touched niche in the wide webcomics world, and certainly isn’t one for the kiddies. Red Plains shows the Wild West as it really was, and is packed full of violence, crime, murder and political corruption. Even if you wouldn’t normally be interested in a western comic, Caryn skillfully combines the Wild West with modern themes to make it accessible and interesting to all…Read more atMooky Chick


Seattle Geekly: Women in Webcomics

July 2010 – Audio Interview with Seattle Geekly Podcast


Sequential Tart Report Card: Red Plains – 9 out of 10

May 2010 – Review at Sequential Tart

I think the most appealing aspect of Tate’s writing in Red Plains is the authenticity and realism. Tate is duly qualified to write a western, for she grew up around and worked on ranches. Her familiarity with the region shows. For instance, an accent or dialect can be difficult to master in dialogue in any medium, but Tate has a knack for writing the speech patterns of cowboys and ranchers the way one would hear them, without making them impossible to process visually…Read more at Sequential Tart


Fastest Pen in the West

May 2010 – Interview at Sequential Tart

Speaking of Rose and the realistic violence of Red Plains, there is pretty shocking (but cool in a Tarantino-esque way) act of violence while Rose is trying to defend herself from Velasquez. Was it a conscious decision to have one of the female characters maim him horror film style? And what were you trying to convey to the audience with this scene?…Read more at Sequential Tart


Caryn A. Tate: The Vastness of the West

May 2010 – Interview at Comics Bulletin

Caryn A. Tate has been producing her remarkable online comic Red Plains for several years now. Red Plains is a unique online comic because…Read more at Comics Bulletin


Caryn A. Tate Talks About Red Plains

April 2010 – Interview at First Comics News

Although the story is set in the Old West, many of the themes are modern, played out with a fresh take on classic archetypes…Read more at First Comics News


Seattle Geekly: Webcomics #2

February 2010 – Audio Interview at Seattle Geekly Podcast


Caryn A. Tate on Red Plains

October 2009 – Interview at Talking With Tim

I love that in discussing your work, you referenced Marty Robbins “Gunfighter Ballads & Trail Songs”. Would you say music, movies, comics or prose novels (or a mixture of all) most influence your storytelling mindset?…Read more at Talking With Tim


Unbound: Talking Red Plains with Caryn A. Tate

October 2009 – Interview at Robot 6 on Comic Book Resources

Caryn A. Tate’s Red Plains, now playing at the Top Shelf 2.0 anthology site, uses the classic Western setting to frame stories that have a bit more depth to them than the standard shoot-em-up… Read more at Robot 6


Violence and Corruption in the Old West

September 2009 – Interview at Comics Bulletin

Caryn’s choice of a Western series is appropriate given her long personal history of living and working on the frontier, so I was interested in her thoughts on her Western and what makes it unique…Read more at Comics Bulletin