Nice Place to Raise Your Kids Up

First issue is FREE; $0.99 for each subsequent issue! Or, download the Collected Edition for $3.99, which includes the extras for all 6 chapters! Download at

6 issues – written by Caryn A. Tate, art by Larry Watts

Each issue includes audio commentary and other extras!

This action-packed, character-driven story marks a major turning point for the people of Red Plains! The town’s leadership has joined forces with the most influential men in town, including the wealthy Don Luis Escovido. Their goal? Sheriff Doles: ruined, replaced or dead. Everyone’s actions come to a head in a thrilling climax you’ll never see coming! Loaded with bonus content including audio commentary by series creator Caryn A. Tate, character backgrounds, and script excerpts, Red Plains is more than a simple “shoot-’em-up.” Influenced by film noir, the classic pulps, true crime, and, most importantly, the authentic Western lifestyle and history as lived and researched by its author, Red Plains is the real deal. “Nice Place” is brought to life by writer and series creator Caryn A. Tate and dynamic artist Larry Watts.

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