The Ballad of Double Ott

$2.99              Download at Graphicly

3 issues (66 pages) – written by Caryn A. Tate; art by Mike D. Kim

Action-packed, bloody, and thrilling, this tale is a landmark in the world of Red Plains! A mysterious bounty hunter appears, bringing with him news of a man who has plagued the town, and Sheriff Doles in particular. It’s the return of one of the most chilling outlaws Red Plains has seen yet: “No Nose” Velasquez! And what will his presence mean for the future of Lupe Escovido? Loaded with bonus content including audio commentary by series creator Caryn A. Tate, swipe effect art extras, and script excerpts, Red Plains is more than a simple “shoot-’em-up.” Influenced by film noir, the classic pulps, true crime, and, most importantly, the authentic Western lifestyle and history as lived and researched by its author, Red Plains is the real deal. “The Ballad of Double Ott” is brought to life by writer and series creator Caryn A. Tate and dynamic artist Mike D. Kim.

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